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They really are usually a group involving eight women and also three men, whom happen to be able to be crowned the particular "graffiti grannies."

Lata65 ended up being founded by 36-year-old architect, Lara Seixo Rodrigues. more from

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Learn much more concerning the attractiveness of street artwork here:

And don't worry! These kind of grannies aren't acquiring arrested any kind of period soon. Your walls they are given to become able to paint tend to be given by Lisbon Area Council's Galeria d Arte Urbana.

Their oldest artist is actually 90-years-old in add-on to be able to their youngest is find 59. Yes, anyone heard right...street art!

SEE MORE: Elderly women give heartwarming assistance for you to younger selves. "Each year we ran the festival I noticed it absolutely was your older people, not necessarily the younger ones, who get been really engaged," the lady says.

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Lata65 is definitely an organization based out of Lisbon, Spain, that runs workshops for Extra resources the elderly neighborhood who're interested for making street art

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